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Therapeutic Indication

Heart and vascular problems.  Metabolic problems. Urinary tract problems. Special Therapeutic Indication Based on Specialised Therapy Structures Treatment of chronic prostatitis using prostate drainage.

Local Therapies

Baths and exercise pools, inhalation of spring sodium-magnesium-calcium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride and spring calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate. Taking the waters at Helenenquelle springs (sodium-magnesium-calcium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride spring water) and at the Georg-Viktor springs (calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate spring water).

Local Extended Spa Treatments

Physiotherapy, spa gymnastics, exercise therapy, exercise pools (30 °C to 32 °C in an indoor pool), ergometer training, back exercise programmes, breathing exercises, vascular exercises, various forms of massage, under water massage, lymph drainage, electro therapy,  stanger baths, carbonic acid baths, Eifel fango packs, cryotherapy, diet, nutritional advice.

Specialist Treatment Options

Kneipp treatments, inhalation with additives. Health seminars, nutrition seminars, medical presentations, autogenous training, Hatha yoga, pastoral care. Dialysis station.

Spa Facilities

Exercise bath, gym hall, solarium, water drinking and pump room, reading room, spa hotel, sunbathing area, spa park (the largest in Europe), band stand, spring pavilion in the forest,  outdoor walking and path network, endurance running tracks. Research institute for rehabilitative medicine and balneology.