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Natural Fango and 'Healing Hands'

The Spa Centre, in the Reinhardshausen spa district of Bad Wildungen, is a real ‘oasis of relaxation’ with its attractive mix of therapy and feel-good facilities, services, medical practices and shopping mall. The hot springs are one of the core areas, with an indoor pool and outdoor pool, saunas and solaria. The complex also houses a highly capable Therapy Department.

This team of 15 people includes 8 qualified therapists and offers a wide range of classical and modern spa treatments, such as massage, physiotherapy, baths and Kneipp treatments, natural fango, electrotherapy, inhalation and exercise therapy. All of these services are available to patients covered by their health insurance and those wishing to pay privately. Other services include aqua fitness, aqua strength and even Nordic walking.

If you want to know the particular strengths of the Spa Centre in Reinhardshausen, the person to ask is head therapist, Bernd Rothauge: “Our baths, tubs and the swimming pool are unique in the fact that they capture the very essence of our natural springs. We also only use natural fango from the Eifel region for our fango packs.” Rather than just using paraffin to warm the body in preparation for a professional massage, the therapist applies this precious, natural earth to the skin before carefully wrapping the guest in the Haslauer Soft-Pack System.

This allows the guest to relax in comfortably warm temperatures before the masseur uses his ‘healing hands’ to ease tense muscles and encourage circulation. Guests can be given exercise therapy in the deep end of the therapy area in the swimming pool (filled with the soothing water from the Tempelquelle), or they can participate in group water gymnastics. 

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as they say. So why not come to the Spa Centre and allow yourself to be spoiled for a while?

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