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Bad Wildungen is one of Germanys most famous therapeutic spa towns with 18 healing springs that bring forth water containing iron, magnesium and carbonic acid ("sparkling" or "carbonated").

The national spa town of Bad Wildungen and the neighbouring mineral health resort of Reinhardshausen (the younger of the region’s two spas) provide classic therapies for cardiac and circulatory problems, kidney and urinary tract problems and metabolic disorders.
The last few years have also seen an increase in the treatment of rheumatics and psychosomatic illnesses.

Today, there are established more than 20 successful, professional clinics in Bad Wildungen and Reinhardshausen, specialising in orthopaedics, rheumatology, oncology, eating disorders and many other areas.

Bad Wildungen is proud of its 18 medicinal, mineral water springs. Some of the legendary mineral waters from Bad Wildungen are available to buy throughout Germany as well as from both of the pump rooms. The many spa therapies available in the region include mineral waters, carbonic acid baths, massage, fango, light and heat therapy, underwater massage and inhalation.

Visitors should allow themselves to be pampered and take a swim in the mineralised, therapeutic waters in the spa resort of Reinhardshausen which boasts qualified therapists and hot springs. Reinhardshausen is home to one of Europe’s leading clinics for the treatment of spinal cord injuries and Bad Wildungen is also a leading centre for medicine, with its Fürstenhof Clinic (cardiovascular) and Westend Clinic (serious brain and head injuries).
The range of health and relaxation services on offer is becoming increasingly widely used by self-pay patients. 

The yearly number of overnight stays in Bad Wildungen is more than 1.5 million (2012: 126.000 guest arrivals), making Bad Wildungen second only to Frankfurt among Hessian towns and cities with the most overnight stays.





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